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Paragliding club Jastreb (HAWK) from Radoboj was established on 24. October 1999. At the first meeting of the club paricipated 27 members who were gathered by fans of this wonderful sport, Ivica Pavić, Darko Potočki, Vjekoslav Bajcer and Milivoj Habrle. This club is duly registered in the Office of Government at Krapina-Zagorje County.
The association is a member of the Croatian Aeronautical Federation since the establishment, the Association of Technical Culture of Krapina-Zagorje County and is a member of the Community of Sports Associations of Municipality of Radoboj.
Paragliding club Jastreb brings together members from the Krapina-Zagorje County. The club has around 30 members from the city of Krapina, Oroslavje, Zabok, Pregrada and municipalities of Đurmanec, Hum na Sutli, Jesenje, Mihovljan, Radoboj, Petrovsko and Zlatar Bistrica. For all this time the club has been operating continuously since its founding.

Pages of the history of paragliding over Krapina-Zagorje County, have begun to write on the 24. October 1999., when to the surprise of several initiators of the club Jastreb in the elementary school in Radoboj, in the inaugural meeting appeared 27 people interested in the to almost everyone unknown sport.
Actually, it all started from the president of the association Darko Potočki, who to the amazement of all came home one day with a weird backpack, which was later found hiding such an amazing flying machine.
After the founding meeting of the association, the members demystified paragliding on several occasions over the performances in Zagorje radio programs, after that the residents of city of Pregrada got interested in the sport and have joined the association, soon the club had around 50 members.
In 2002. membership section in Pregrada was so grown that there was a need to create a club and so since January 2002. in Pregrada works flight club IKARUS. Soon the members from Zlatar created the paragliding club SOKOL. With these associations and organizations today Jastreb cooperates in locating and planning new runways in the Krapina-Zagorje County.
Paragliding Club Jastreb was the organizer of the State championship XC in 2002. and co-organizer of the KPJ LET from Ivanec in 2003. year and National championships in Accuracy landing 2012.,2013., 2014., 2015., 2016. and 2017. year.
Today the Paragliding Club Jastreb has 30 members, of which 22 are active members and 8 are athletes


Our address is:
KPJ-JASTREB - Radoboj,
49232 Radoboj, Radoboj 61
Tel: +385(0)49/349-185
Mob: +385(0)92/1333-565
e-mail: jastreb1999@gmail.com
or dpotocki@gmail.com

HR85 2340009 1100214409
Registration number:
OIB: 47169149386

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